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                       she sits, silent as ever, eyes focused on the ground below her. there’s a support group filled with a plethora of different people with all sorts of different problems in the same room as her, but the adventurer does not speak. this is supposed to help her heal, help her get past the horrific events that forced her to do horrible things, various of them being things that will never leave her mind, things that scarred her both physically and mentally.

                                                   ( things that helped her become who she is today. )

                       she doesn’t want to speak, doesn’t want to look up and face the people sitting there just like her, here to try and at least make peace with their hardships that they’ve overcome—but lara still can’t look them in the eye. maybe it’s just because she’s seen what people can become capable of when put to the test, and she knows that every single one of them i s capable of doing some of the worst things imaginable.

                                                   ( it’s not like there’s no hope in the world, there’s still some good—she knows that. )

                       the time spent sitting there feels like forever, even if it’s simply been a few minutes waiting on everybody arriving, and like the prompt person she is—lara appeared here e a r l y, sitting there for what feels like hours. but that’s what happens when you’re trapped on an island for god knows how long then come back—you lose your sense of time.

                       minutes feel like hours, hours feels like days, days feel like months and months feel like years. some scars on her body from that island will never fade, most being mental ones.

                                                   ( but that’s what this session is for—right?
                                                                              to make things better. )

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{ alwaysxhavebeen }


                       truth is—she shouldn’t be outside, not in the state she’s in currently. lara croft is a ticking time bomb, trying to go from survival of the fittest to a life in the city, people who are mostly harmless yet that fight of flight instinct is still there from the events of Yamatai, causing her to be a lot more nervous around the public. there’s few that she can actually speak to, but right now she’s facing the world by herself, trying to take her mind off the memories of hell.

                                                   ( now she walks the streets, eyes glancing everywhere. )

                       no doubt she looks suspicious, what with the way that she seems to be looking in all directions at once, unfocused and stuck in her own world where danger is everywhere to be found.

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The hypostyle hall of the Hathor Temple at Dendera, Egypt.

The first hypostyle hall within the Temple of Hathor contains sandstone columns with Hathor head capitals. This hall was built during the Ptolemaic period, and was later decorated during the Roman period. The name of Roman emperor Claudius appears on the columns, and Nero on the walls. 

Gay Robins (in The Art of Ancient Egypt, page 231) discusses the decoration of the columns themselves:

The columns display the three fields into which temple decoration was divided. At the bottom are three registers of emblematic groups. A horizontal band of text divides them from the main area showing ritual interactions between the king and deities. This is separated by another band of text from further registers of emblematic figures at the top. 

Photos taken by Kyera Giannini, via the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

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       I was created
                             to strip lungs 
                             of their breath
                     to destroy pretty little things
                     and burn them to the ground.
                                                 to bring the world to its knees
                                                 and hear my name spoken
                                                 only in fearful whispers

             I was created human
             but I was made
             to be
a monster.

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                                    The thing about nightmares
                                                 is s o o n e r or l a t e r,
yoυ wαĸe υp.

  • indie lara croft rp account
  • somewhat au, i’ve mixed classic + aod + trilogy + reboot together
  • also will rp in any kind of verse
  • e x t e n s i v e knowledge about the tomb raider universe
  • seriously it’s been something i’ve had knowledge about since birth
  • ask questions about anything i will answer
  • knowledge about the mythology behind tomb raider too, done lots of research
  • i’m very selective
  • open to crack + violence but no smut
  • i use icons
  • can work with one liners all the way to novella
  • mun is super friendly once you get to know her!
  • hate free blog so any anon hate will be deleted.

                                                                     | h o m e | a s k | r u l e s

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                    rule number two,

                           just don’t get attached to,

                               somebody you could lose.

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{ ➳ } —; It didn’t matter how long she stared from afar, each second of that sight
              seemed more and more unreal. Maybe there was something in that island
              messing with her mind, perhaps the water? She blinked a few times, 
              watching the other from behind a tree before finally decide to take a closer
              look; with draw bow in hand, of course. ❝Stop right there…. whatever you


                       it felt like it took forever to get across this island—and no matter where she went there always seemed to be danger. dangerous lunatics out for her blood; missing friends and mother nature desperate to keep her stuck here as though the place was c u r s e d or something.

                                                   ( all she wanted was a rest… )

                       now look where she is, treading the soil just to find a place to camp for the night until her own voice tells her to stop in her tracks like she herself was a threat, and that’s the moment that her movement ceases in the grass.

                                                   ( and for some reason it hadn’t come from her own head; but from behind. )

                       she’s already killed what feels like hundreds of men already, maybe this is just another one of them that had gotten lost from the group ( because there’s no way that it’s actually her own voice saying those words, it’s just hallucinations. it’s got to be ), and the words ‘whatever you are’ that are spoken obviously hint at what a m o n s t e r she had become, even if these men were much more monstrous than her. 

                                                   ( this was what she had to do to stay alive—to survive. )

            ❝ —shit. ❞

                       and even though she speaks, she waits for the other to get closer to her, because it doesn’t matter if it’s still her own voice she’s hearing, she can tell there’s confusion there, which often gets paired with c u r i o s i t y.

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    “No, he was way too good a sailor for that!
             He was his idol after all.

            ❝ if it’s not that—then what do you think caused the delay in his return in the first place? ❞

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I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,

I’m sorry that I survived,

And if I could go back in time

You never would have died

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   Something happened there that wasn’t documented.
     There’s no way that voyage took him that long.

            ❝ perhaps he just had gotten sidetracked?
                       maybe his ship needed repairs? ❞

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